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Dixon on Platforms

Candidates for next platforms after PCs, phones, and tablets:
  1. Virtual reality
  2. Internet of things
  3. Wearable computers
  4. Bitcoin
  5. Self-driving cars
  6. Drones
  7. Mind control
  8. 3d printing
  9. Augmented Reality
  10. self-learning machines
  11. open data
  12. microorganisms
  13. satellites

This is a really fun list from Chris Dixon originally posted here:

Aug 06

Couple married 62 years die together -

One can hope.

(Today is my ninth anniversary.)

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Ok, Now There's an Actual, Official Contest to Name New Exoplanets -

Jul 08

The most charitable explanation is one offered by a Canadian I know with deep diplomatic expertise in the Middle East.

He posited that the government of Canada, lacking the raw power of Washington — which ensured that American citizens facing charges were quietly allowed to leave Egypt — has perhaps been conducting back-channel talks with the Egyptians, and has secured some sort of face-saving deal to free Fahmy once the uproar has died down.

The other possibility my diplomatic acquaintance suggested was less palatable: that Canada’s government, like the far-right American politicians who cheered as the Egyptian generals grabbed power, has concluded that military oppression is greatly preferable to any governance by Islamic fundamentalists, even elected ones, and the regime’s excesses are the price to be paid.

” —

Nigerian Mobile Market
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Nigerian Mobile Market

  1. % prepaid
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  3. penetration of unique subscribers

Jun 28

Myanmar's wildlife trafficking hotspot -

so weird. terrible.

Jun 26

Zoona: Moving Beyond M-Pesa: Innovations In Financial Inclusion -

This is the promised land. This is where you can change the world.

Jun 18

Teacher Pride

In 2012/2013 spent one year teaching in the Video Game department at the Art Institute.

There were many positive and many negative aspects to that experience, the details of which don’t need to be fleshed out here.

But I was able to see my ratings from the students at the end of each semester and believe they were extraordinarily high compared to the average.

More than a year later I’m still proud of this.

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